Digital Marketing

We create integrated digital campaigns on search engines and on social networks, identifying niches of target-users according to your goals, mapping their needs and analysing their activities.

Paid campaigns

To be able to develop and gain online visibility, you and your company need winning strategies to optimize the advertising investments.

Our team can provide you with the necessary assistance to study the best possible configurations to respect your budget and expand your business.

Google Ads

Being shown amongst the first search results on Google is essential for a brand that wants to expand its popularity and attract traffic to its site. Managing a marketing campaign with Google Ads can be complex, and at Alias we take care of every step, from the technical settings and the creation of the textual and graphic content of each ad, to performance monitoring and making the necessary adjustments to increase the performance of the campaign.

Social Networks

Together with Google, social networks provide a digital space that is often essential for a company to occupy. 

Facebook and Instagram are the main communication channels, but more specific platforms can offer great opportunities too. Google My Business, for example, can be used to search for specific information such as the opening times of a business, and can be integrated with the company’s website.

Our team can manage social advertising and study the best way to position your compant in this environment.


A specialized team will set up the structure of your website to intercept the keywords searched by the users and respond to the quality parameters required by search engines. This means it will be much easier for visitors to find your website which will appear in the first results of their searches.

Email Marketing

Using programs to create and manage mailing lists, we can create ad hoc email marketing campaigns. We can set up personalized newsletters and communications to reach the customers of your company, and we also provide the set-up and the necessary knowledge to allow you to work autonomously.


No marketing activity is complete without an accurate and continuous measurement of results, carried out mainly using Google Analytics and Facebook. This information allows us to evaluate the response of the public dynamically and adapt our strategies to reach the client’s objectives in the most efficient way. 

The performance analysis of a website, a page, or an advertising campaign is conducted by specialists who identify the most important metrics to set proactive actions.

User Tracking

All user activities on your website must be monitored constantly so that the marketing campaigns can target an increasingly specific audience. How to show an advertisement to those who have already made a purchase on your e-commerce? How to know which pages perform best and which require new strategies?

We use Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel and other specific tools such as Hotjar to create recordings and heatmaps that visually demonstrate how users behave on your website; what buttons they press, what obstacles distract them and what elements catch their eye and hold their attention for longer.

We carry out these activities in accordance with the GDPR n.2016 / 679 and in full compliance with all European and global regulations about privacy policy.