About Us

Alias is a place where creativity and technology meet

We grow with our clients

Our team is cross-functional, made up of women and men with different experiences. The skill to innovate and think outside the box is always paired with the experience and deep knowledge of our business.

At Alias, you will find people with many different kinds of expertise, who can work together to handle your digital project from every point of view.

We work together to achieve results beyond your expectations.

E-commerce Cloud Native Software Digital Design Digital Marketing

Way of life

We have been told that we are a creative team who is business oriented, and for us, that is a great compliment. We are proactive in everything we do, and to us the clients are always part of our team.

Smart working

Our team works toward goals, without the restraints of time and place.

Stand-up meeting

Every morning, 15 minutes of discussion to share our daily goals: it is an agile and efficient way to adapt and react to the constant changes that our work constitutes. A brief but extremely productive moment, in which we assess and evaluate the efficiency of our strategies.


Thank God It's Friday! One hour a week in which we have lunch together and discuss new projects, news and strategies. We like to be transparent and share opportunities and new challenges with all of our team. Suggestions and solutions can come from anyone.

Team building

Important days in which we meet in a different setting than we are used to, to become closer as a team and go back to work more productive than ever!

Our story, in short

Alias is created
Alias becomes a limited company
Inauguration of our new headquarters
First important international clients
Bigger and renewed office, inauguration of Alias USA in New York
Alias diversifies by building new companies: Mallet and Auranto

Our Team