Cloud native software

The digital world is continuously changing and evolving. We develop systems which are able to keep up with these changes, while always trying to stay one step ahead.

We design software that can be accessed safely and constantly in any place at any time, with no need to download or install files on your computer.

Agile Methodology

We use an agile working approach, based on continuous updates that allow for constant improvement of performance.

The various teams work in an integrated manner and update each other every day as they work to achieve a common goal.

Customized processes

We follow a precise and defined work path to meet all the needs that may arise during the development of a project. The process begins with a direct and in-depth discussion with our customer. Through personalized workshops, we help you to analyse your needs, the characteristics of your business and to define your budget, offering innovative and invaluable solutions.

User First

We always imagine the software starting from the front-end, that is, from the point of view of the end-user. This allows us to respect all UX/UI parameters and create an intuitive product, which is easy to use even when dealing with the most complex procedures.

If your users are satisfied, so are you, and so are we.

Testing and Quality Assurance

Our working method includes functional tests on the performance and the usability of the software, conducted by our Quality Assurance team. From the earliest stages of development, it is possible to monitor the progress of the project and be sure that we are moving in the right direction.

Support, training and evolution

Our services go beyond supplying of the software. In fact, we immediately schedule a series of training activities, during which our team is available to train our customers on how to use the software and share with skills and best practices with them, a well as exploring new opportunities.

Alongside the training appointments, Alias provides constant support in order to deal with any problem or arising need and give a prompt and effective response. Alias’ team is able to operate all support and training activities in Italian, English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese.

To guarantee optimal performances, software needs to keep evolving. Not only do we make sure that what we have developed runs smoothly, we also plan for the future of all of our projects.

IT Infrastructure and Architecture

To make sure that your project has the best performance and that a high level of security is guaranteed, we do not manage only its development but also the digital space that will host it. We create, manage and maintain personalized cloud infrastructures, generated to fit your needs.

Our development team uses the PHP programming language through Symfony, one of the most stable and secure programming frameworks.